Best Print on Demand Websites To Sell Your T-Shirt Designs (2017)

Best Print on Demand Services 2017

Best POD T-Shirt Services 2017

On Demand print services are on the rise and whether you are a seasoned artist or not, there is undoubtedly money to be made. The usual complications of starting and maintaining a business, and up front costs are removed as discussed in our How To Start A T-Shirt Business For Free Article.

If you weren’t aware, all you need to do with these website is upload your design, a title and description and it goes live on the site. The print on demand websites handle the stock, printing, shipping, returns etc. Essentially from your side you can even take the “set and forget” approach.

The first decision you make is which of these on demand t-shirt printing services to go with. And here’s a hint, the answer isn’t just a single website. The more locations you submit your designs to, the higher the chance for profit. However from a maintainability/time perspective we suggest you do target a specific subset of sites. This is where we come in with our extensive review of the best print on demand websites to sell your tees.

The site listed below are our top picks and widely regarded as cream of the crop. We also have an “honorable mentions” list at the end of the article which are still good picks if you’re looking to branch out after you’ve established yourself elsewhere.

Why Choose Redbubble?



Redbubble has quickly become one of the most popular and most visited online marketplaces. For you, this equates to more potential traffic and views of your designs.

Shop, Portfolio, Profile and Followers

You’re provided with various pages and tools to help get more traffic towards your designs. The shop gives an entry point to list your products. Products meaning the individual items such as T-Shirt with design A on it Mug with design A on it etc. The portfolio is similar however it lets people glance at your designs rather than the products you’ve put them on. A nice alternative view to entice those that are perhaps more art focused than commercially focused.

Your profile and the ability for others to follow you, or even for you to follow them provides a mini social networks and yet another route to promote your designs and make a name for yourself.


Something I really like about Redbubble is the analytics they provide. It’s nothing fancy but they actually give you information that not many other POD services do – amount of views per product in your portfolio. This means that you have the ability to figure out which of your designs are the most popular. From this information you can then create more similar designs or even push for marketing the most popular designs you have.


Easy to Upload Designs

Redbubble provides you with templates for all of their products which makes the design process a breeze. Once you have your design set and ready to go you get a nice clean upload interface where you can reposition and resize your design on a virtual t-shirt to make sure that everything looks as it should and is oriented correctly.


Simple and Flexible Commissions

Essentially you choose your commission which is as simple as it gets. Each shirt has a base price and you choose a % commission to add on top. The retail price will be the base price plus your commission, and of course the commission itself is what you get in your pocket.


Redbubble really does tick all of the boxes, gives you flexibility, an easy to use service, self set profits and high traffic. A must use marketplace for your designs.


Why Choose Teespring?

Teespring was always a bit of an odd POD service with its campaign structure. It was similar to Kickstarter in that if the campaign didn’t reach it’s goal then no products were sold and no money was earned. This is no longer the only option and this is why the site has been bumped onto our top list. You can now list T-Shirts in a the same way that you do for Redbubble for example.

Amazon Integration

Once you sell 10 of a single t-shirt an option opens up to you to allow your shirt to be automatically listed on Obviously this is a great opportunity due to the increased traffic and exposure.

Set Your Own Profits

You can set the final price of the shirt which, when you subtract the base price of the shirt, gives you your final profit. This flexibility is crucial if you’re wanting to make a decent amount of money on a t-shirt print on demand site.

Fantastic Design Preview

Teespring probably has the best design upload/preview tool. Easily see how your design will look on a tee with real time resizing and placement. You can even forgo the entire design process and just use their text tool to write directly onto a shirt. You’re even given an extensive collection of fonts to use directly in the designer view This is the crowning glory of the Teespring offering.

TeeSpring Designer

Why Choose Zazzle?


Zazzle has been around for quite some time now and because of this it has become a name synonymous with POD. Over the years the tools available to you and the huge amount of products they offer have improved in number and quality making this one to watch.

Choose Your Own Commission

Zazzle enables you to very easily set your commission or royalties by way of a percentage. The final price of the shirt that customers see will be the base price plus the royalty percentage you show. Having this fine grained control over how much you will make on each sale is unfortunately become quite rare for POD services, so this really sets Zazzle ahead.

Full Featured Design Preview

Zazzle has one of the best design creation/preview tools that again gives you a fine grained control. You can upload a design or even just put text directly on the shirt through the tool. The ability to resize, move, rotate etc. gives you complete control. Some POD services just attempt to make you design fit the item of clothing which sometimes does not give you the result you want. With Zazzle you don’t have this worry.

Zazzle Designer

An Enormous Amount of Products

Why just target t-shirts when you can effortlessly drop your design on a massive number of other products? This is where Zazzle really shines as it has hundreds of products ranging from shirts to invitations, cups and mugs, phone cases, posters and much more. What better way to increase your profits that by expanding your horizons and reach?

Other Services To Consider

The above print on demand t-shirt services are the cream of the crop but it would a bad idea to completely ignore all other offerings. If you have some spare time, why not drop your designs on these other services:

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