Best Print on Demand Websites To Sell Your T-Shirt Designs (2020)

Best POD T-Shirt Services 2020

So another year has passed and it’s time to take a look at the best print on demand sites to sell your t-shirt designs on in 2020. You can still view our previous Best POD T-Shirt Services post which is still valid but scroll down for a more up to date look into the best sites to upload and sell your T-shirt designs.

In 2020, On Demand print services are still on the rise and if you put in the time, there is money to be made. You don’t need to worry about the usual complexities of starting and maintaining a business and costs that you would normally expect are removed as discussed in our How To Start A T-Shirt Business For Free Article.

The big decision you need to make is which of these on demand t-shirt printing sites to go with. The only real answer you should ever hear is that it isn’t just a single website. The more sites you submit your designs to, the higher the chance for profit. From a maintainability/time perspective we suggest you do target a specific subset of sites. This is where we come in with our extensive 2018 review of the best print on demand websites to sell your tees.

The sites we’ve listed for you below are the top picks and widely regarded as best of the best. We also have an “best of the rest” list at the end of the article which are still great picks if you’re looking to branch out after you’ve established yourself elsewhere.

Why Choose Merch By Amazon (Amazon Merch)?

Merch By Amazon

Amazon Merch (Merch By Amazon) has long been one of the most lucrative POD services for the reasons below:

You tap into Amazon’s global hold over online purchases

Just think about it, when you want to buy anything online, where do you go first? Amazon! This in itself makes Merch by Amazon the front runner in the best Print on Demand Services of 2020.

Merch by Amazon has also expanded internationally, meaning you can now list on more than just From the same merch portal you can now list on UK and German versions of the site at the same time. As of August 2020 Amazon is also rolling out the ability to list your designs on the Spanish, Italian and French storefronts. This means your designs are exposed to millions of extra potential customers.

Your tees are shipped via Amazon Prime

Customers will often filter by Prime items which results in choosing your shirt over a non-Prime shipping tee as they get free shipping. This gives you the edge in an admittedly highly competitive environment.

Organic sales through Amazon’s search or even Google search

A lot of POD services really require you to buy ads or push customers from social media towards your t-shirt designs. Of course you can do this with MBA too but in reality you just don’t need to.

Amazon’s search will provide plenty of organic sales simply because most people head to Amazon for their shopping needs.

Of course Google will also rank Amazon products highly due to it’s dominance of the world of shopping. So expect much more throughput from the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Very simple upload tool

The Merch By Amazon upload tool now allows you to upload a design and simultaneously add it to all product types and all marketplaces (,,, and

Although it does not have in in-browser editor, for most this will not be an issue as in order to make quality designs you’re really looking at a separate application such as Photoshop.

Amazon Merch has now been expanded to not only include T-Shirts, but also hoodies, sweaters, Popsockets and even iPhone & Samsung phone cases.

Merch by Amazon Words of Caution

However, Amazon Merch is a different beast when compared to other POD T-Shirt sites because you have to be accepted onto the program to start selling. Luckily for you we have an article that steps you through how to Get Approved By Merch By Amazon Quickly We also have our ongoing Amazon Merch series of articles, so make sure you run through those articles to really maximize your profits on the Amazon platform and avoid any pitfalls.

Why Choose Redbubble?


High Traffic Volume

Redbubble is now one of the most established and profitable online marketplaces for t-shirts. The more traffic, the more views and therefore the more sales you’re likely to make.

Social Features & Many Entry Points

Redbubble gives you various social pages and routes into your products. This again increases the traffic to your designs. The shop is the obvious one – a direct point of entry to you individual items whether that be mugs, t-shirts etc. The portfolio is similar but actually shows your designs first and then customers can click through into products. It’s a good alternative for those looking for a nice design rather than a particular item and can actually lead to sales that would not have occurred otherwise.

Your profile and the ability for others to follow you, or even for you to follow them provides a mini social networks and yet another route to promote your designs and make a name for yourself.


Redbubble really shines with analytics. It seems like a basic feature but my favourite aspect of analytics shows you how many times your tee was actually viewed. This means that you have the ability to figure out which of your designs are the most popular. From this information you can then create more similar designs or even push for marketing the most popular designs you have.


Simple Upload Interface

Templates are provided for all products (including t-shirts of course) which makes the design process must more straight forward. Once you have your design set and ready to go you get a nice clean upload interface where you can reposition and resize your design on a virtual t-shirt mockup to make sure that everything looks as it should and is oriented as you intended.


Flexible Commissions

You choose how much commission you make – each tee has a base price and you get to add your chosen % on top. This makes the retail price the base price added to your commission percentage so be careful not to mark your tees up too high (or too low!)


Redbubble really does tick all of the boxes, gives you flexibility, an easy to use service, self set profits and high traffic. A must use marketplace for your designs.

Why Choose Teespring?

Teespring used to be a POD service that I avoided due to it’s campaign structure which I couldn’t imagine being too popular with customers. It was similar to Kickstarter in that if the campaign didn’t reach it’s goal then no products were sold and no money was earned. However this is not the only option anymore and this is why the site appears on our top list. You can now list T-Shirts in a the same way that you do for Redbubble for example – the “usual” way that an online marketplace works.

Integration with Amazon

Once you sell 10 of a single t-shirt an option opens up to you to allow your shirt to be automatically listed on Obviously this is a great opportunity due to the increased traffic and exposure and allows you to take advantage of Amazon’s gigantic user base. It’s a good alternative while you’re waiting to be accepted onto Amazon Merch.

Set Your Own Profits

Setting your own price (the final price of the shirt) means that you get to set your own profits. This flexibility is crucial if you’re wanting to make a decent amount of money on a t-shirt print on demand site and unfortunately not all services offer this.

Fantastic Design Preview

In my opinion, Teespring easily has the best design upload/preview tool and for simple text only designs you can even create them right there in the tool. A very nice looking, fleshed out preview to show how your design will look on a tee with real time resizing and placement is a brilliant addition. You’re given an extensive collection of fonts to use directly in the designer view which is one of the key strengths of the Teespring offering.

TeeSpring Designer

Why Choose Zazzle?


Zazzle is what I like to think of a the father of all current POD services but that’s not to say it is old fashioned or out of date – quite the opposite actually. Over the years the tools available to you and the the quite frankly enormous amount of choice in terms of products make this a catch all offering that lets you spread your designs across many different niches.

Choose Your Own Commission

Commission is set as a percentage, which essentially is what your royalties for each sale will be. Customers see the price as the commission percentage, plus the base price. This fine grained control over how much you make on each design is brilliant and a nice step away from having a rigid commission structure.

Full Featured Design Preview

Zazzle has one of the best design creation/preview tools that again gives you a fine grained control. You can upload a design or even just put text directly on the shirt through the tool. The ability to resize, move, rotate etc. gives you complete control. Some POD services just attempt to make you design fit the item of clothing which sometimes does not give you the result you want. With Zazzle you don’t have this worry.

Zazzle Designer

An Enormous Amount of Products

Why just target t-shirts when you can effortlessly drop your design on a massive number of other products? This is where Zazzle really shines as it has hundreds of products ranging from shirts to invitations, cups and mugs, phone cases, posters and much more. What better way to increase your profits that by expanding your horizons and reach?

The Best Print on Demand Service

And the winner of the best print on demand service is… Merch by Amazon. Despite its flaws I have found Amazon Merch to be more profitable by several orders of magnitude. Sure, it’s upload tool isn’t as flashy or fully featured as the others, but once you get a foothold your designs will seen by more than all other services combined.

Uploading has improved dramatically and with a single upload you can add to all products and all marketplaces. This speeds up your workflow and lets you get t-shirts on in record time.

Amazon has expanded beyond t-shirts to hoodies, jumpers, pocksockets and phone cases. It has also expanded beyond .com to other country storefronts. This means you have a customer best of several hundred million.

Let’s face it, we’re in this for the money, so which better platform to choose than the multi-billion dollar Amazon?

Other Services To Consider

The above print on demand t-shirt services are the cream of the crop but it would a bad idea to completely ignore all other offerings. If you have some spare time, why not drop your designs on these other services:

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