Can I Buy T-Shirts From T-Shirt Curator?

Nope! We simply curate the very best designs from across the web, provide informative reviews and give you the direct link to the relevant product page where you can buy the T-Shirt from.

How Does the Site Make Money?

Full disclosure – we primarily earn money through affiliate links. When you click through and buy a T-Shirt that we’ve displayed on the site/reviewed we earn a small commission. Not all of our links to shirts are affiliate links however. We also make money through displaying Google ads although we try to make these as non-intrusive as possible, so if you can find it in your heart to add us to your ad-blocker white list we’d really appreciate it (we won’t be too offended if you don’t!).

Do You Accept Submissions for T-Shirts?

Not currently although this is a feature coming very soon along with guidelines for submission. We will manually review each submission and if the quality, content and various other metrics match our guidelines (and we actually like the tee!) then it will be reviewed and added to the site.