Making Big Money with Custom Face Masks

Custom Face Mask Designing

Is now the time to make big money with custom face masks? As we all know, face masks have become a way of life in 2020 and despite the awful situation surrounding it, it has created an opportunity. For those that currently sell on POD services – t-shirts and other apparrel, face masks give you another (very high demand) product to list your designs on. So how do you make big money with custom facemasks?

Demand for POD Custom Face Masks

Before jumping into creating designs for coronavirus face masks and face coverings let’s look at the demand for custom masks. A quick look at Google Trends for “Custom Face Mask” shows the expected spike in searches for masks in March/April of 2020 a slight dip, then a resurgence as people are heading back out into the world in August.

Google Search Trends for “Custom Face Masks” in 2020

The important thing to note is that unlike every other print on demand item – t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers etc. before April 2020 almost nobody owned a face mask. Added to that, in the beginning a lot of people bought disposable face masks or did not want to invest much in face masks as they were unsure how long they’d be necessary for. The spike in August for searches for custom face masks is likely due to people coming to terms with the permanence of face masks and wanting high quality, cool designs as they do with traditional items of clothing.

We see a dip in demand for face masks in August but expect this to go in waves as more people adopt a face mask as general wear and want something unique/custom.

All of this considered, now is the ideal time to make big money on custom face mask designs. POD face mask websites are already set up to accommodate your mask designs and to help you convert them into sales.

Competition for Custom/Print on Demand Face Masks

So the demand for custom face masks is high. Meaning that the potential to make money from creating face mask designs and listing on sites like Redbubble or Printful for example. However what is the competion in the area of Print on Demand face coverings? Well, you may assume it is high, but let’s compare some figures.

Let’s take a look at Redbubble:

Redbubble Mask listings

So you can see almost 35,000 designs for custom masks which seems like a lot but when you compare it to the current amount of designs for standard t-shirts (118,000) you can see that in comparison, competition for custom face masks is actually quite low.

Redbubble T-Shirt listings

High demand, lower competition that other apparel means that there has never been a better time to jump on board and start making money with custom print on demand mask sales.

Custom Print on Demand Mask Ideas

So now you need some ideas. How do you know what designs will sell well on custom masks? If you’re already experienced with POD t-shirt and other apparel sales, then your current methods will transfer over just fine.

However an quick/powerful way to jump start your ideas is to take a look at Cool Face masks for sale on Amazon or more generally Custom Face masks for sale on Amazon.

Of course, never do a pixel by pixel copy, but look at what face masks are selling well on Amazon and use them as a base for you ideas for face mask designs to list on Redbubble or Printful.

Face Mask Specific Designs

It’s also worth noticing that face mask designs can be a niche in themselves. Facemasks with designs based around social distancing, the reason for the masks themselves are incredibly popular. Take a look at this example from Amazon:

Many of your standard/generic t-shirt designs will transfer well to a mask (with resizing/re-arranging) but don’t sleep on the potential to stand out on 2 sides, the face mask itself and a social distancing design.

Sample Your Face Mask Competition

When working on a new medium, especially something as unique as custom face masks it’s important to sample the competition. This allows you to guage quality of design and actually how a design appears on the mask. Because a mask will stretch around your face it can become distorted so it’s important to understand with a physical product how that will look. Again, we recommend snaggin a mask from Amazon due to the wide variety of designs and generally low prices/free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.


Selling custom face mask designs on POD services is still lucrative and NOW is the time to strike. With high demand and reasonably low competition, it is vital to get your mask designs listed for sale ASAP. It is most definitely possible to make big money with custom face mask designs in 2020 on sites like Redbubble and Prinful.

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