Merch By Amazon Freshness Boost 2020

Amazon Merch Freshness Boost – What is it?

Merch by Amazon of course uses Amazon’s marketplace to list your tees and simply put there are millions of t-shirts on Amazon. So to prevent new listings being lost in amongst the masses of t-shirts already on Amazon, the freshness boost places new designs close to the top of search results to test their popularity with customers. If you product sells well during this freshness boost period, then it’s internal Amazon ranking will increase, leading it to stay high up the search results. Of course if it does not sell well then it will sink into the listings like a stone and realistically never seen again. That sounds depressing but that’s how it should be – popular designs will prosper and lead to long term sales; unpopular t-shirt designs will fall into obscurity.
Note: During January/February/March of 2018 it appears that Amazon has either purposely or accidentally disabled this freshness boost leading to most new designs not selling well or at all on the platform. But don’t despair, there are other methods we can use to get back our sales figures (see below)

No More Merch By Amazon Freshness Boost

The days of the freshness boost are gone (for now) – we don’t know if this is accidental on Amazon’s part or even if it’s temporary, just like the throttling that they imposed recently. For the sake of the platform (and their own t-shirt sales!) it is hoped by many that this is just Amazon slowing things down on the back end until they are in a position to deal with the freshness boost again. But for now the Amazon Merch freshness boost is gone, inactive, kaput.

Amazon Merch – Profiting Without the Freshness Boost

With the freshness boost gone there are other ways we gain back our dominance and sales figures. Our articles below will walk you through tactics to use on Amazon Merch in the absence of the freshness boost:
  • Merch By Amazon Long Tail Targeting
  • Merch By Amazon: Target Trends for more sales
  • Merch By Amazon: Advertising to increase sales
  • Merch By Amazon: Quantity over Quality

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