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Amazon Merch Letter Examples

If you’re looking for Merch By Amazon Letter Examples, you’ve come to the right place! When signing up for Merch By Amazon, your letter or additional information is an important aspect in terms of getting accepted to be able sell your t-shirt designs on the Amazon platform. The question of what should I include in my MBA application letter comes up again and again Today we’re going to give you some Amazon Merch letter examples, what to include (and not include!) and how long the letter/additional information should be.

What Should I Include in my Amazon Merch Application Letter?

When requesting an invite to Merch by Amazon, the often overlooked additional information field is critically important in getting your application approved. So what should you include in the letter?

  • Experience in design
  • Experience in SEO and marketing
  • Your knowledge of POD (Print on Demand Platforms)
  • Your intentions to push traffic to the Amazon platform
  • Hint at your already existing knowledge of the Merch by Amazon Platform
  • Explain your knowledge of trademarks and copyrights

The key thing to remember here is that Amazon are not going to and are not able to check whether you’re telling the truth or not. So be creative when talking about your experience, but do not over-exaggerate too much.

What Shouldn’t I Include in my MBA Application Letter?

Essentially do not include anything that is not relevant to designing for POD services, SEO, marketing etc. They do not need to know what grades you got in school, what your full time profession is, what you do in your spare time or anything else of that nature.

How Long Should My Amazon Merch Application Letter Be?

The application letter should not be very long at all. Be succinct and straight to the point.. This is not like a cover letter for a standard job. This is a quick overview of what you know, what you do and why you should be accepted. Cut out any fluff and stay strictly to the point at hand. I would advise aiming for around 100 words in the additional information/application letter section.

Merch By Amazon Letter Examples:

So, onto the MBA letter examples. Do not copy these directly but put your own spin on them, merge the two together or otherwise customise them. If you just copy them verbatim then you risk the reviewer having already read the same letter. Remember if you copy these directly, so could someone else. Be clever about this and make sure that you use the below examples as that, examples!!

Example Letter 1:

I have 10 years of experience in graphic design and web design and always strive to create high quality designs. I have a high level of knowledge of image editing, particularly within Photoshop and Illustrator. In addition I have used and learnt from other POD services over the years and am keen to bring this knowledge to the Amazon platform. SEO and keyword targeting are amongst my other areas of expertise which I will use to pull traffic to my designs. I am active on social media, which I will utilize to promote my designs. I am very much looking forward to the opportunities that the MBA platform can offer.

Example Letter 2:

I am active on a variety of POD sites and have been creating high quality designs for t-shirts and other merchandise for 8-9 years. During this time I have become well versed in trademark and copyright to avoid any accidental violations and my knowledge of SEO, keyword targeting and trends has increased exponentially. In preparation I have researched the MBA platform and have already created around 30 quality designs. I am keen to bring my experience, skills and knowledge into the Merch by Amazon platform and expand my design offerings to a much wider audience.


The key is to show that you will be an asset to the Merch By Amazon Platform. Your application letter ABSOLUTELY must reflect that. Paint yourself as the ideal candidate and please, please, please mention that you have experience of graphic design!

Remember there are also other fields as part of this application: Organisation name, industry type and website. Visit our Article on Merch by Amazon Approval for a more complete overview of the entire process.

And remember, even if you have been less that honest about your knowledge of Photoshop for example, while you wait for you submission to be approved you can build up your skills for real. Why not check out a one month subscription to Photoshop CC for only $9.99/£9.99 or a one month subscription to Illustrator CC for $19.99/£19.99 a month? By the time you’re approved you’ll have built up your design skills, knowledge and experience that you claimed to have in your Merch By Amazon Letter. To top it off you should also have a whole host of designs ready to upload!

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