Merch Informer Review – a Waste of Money in 2020?


Merch Informer Review – is it still worth it in 2020?

When Merch by Amazon hit the big time another independent online service was launched called Merch Informer. From the get-go it provided helpful tools to maximize your profits from Amazon Merch. The ability to find niches, keywords and to even see which t-shirts designs were likely to sell well along with how competitive the niche was.

Merch Informer is not a free service so it is important to look at whether it can truly increase your profits on Amazon Merch. Let’s see if it really is worth the price tag. And more specifically, in 2020, does Merch Informer still provide value and help increase your sales on Merch by Amazon?

MI Subscriptions

As of 2020, Merch Informer now comes in two flavors – Newbie and Professional. The Newbie subscription is $9.99 a month, while the Professional subscription is $59.99 a month. Check the Merch Informer subscription pricing page for up to date pricing and any deals/offers.

Initially you can see there is a big difference in price between the tiers. So let’s look at what you get with the Newbie package and how you can use it increase your MBA profits. We’ll then look into what extras you get with the pro package.

Merch Informer Newbie Subscription

With the Merch Informer Newbie package you will essentially be able to do the following:

  • Discover new niches and ideas for t-shirt designs
  • Check out competition for various keywords and phrases
  • Find estimated monthly sales
  • Keyword suggestions to drive more traffic to your t-shirts
  • Brand search – to research how well performing brands are doing it
  • Trademark alerts – if a keyword you have is trademarked, you will be alerted making sure you do not get rejections/strikes against your account. (Limited to 50 keywords/phrases)

The major modules (included in the subscription) that allow you to do this are

Product Search

Using keywords you can identify best sellers & estimated monthly sales. This enables you to take their concept and make a similar competing design. This module also allows you to check competition and advises you whether the niche is saturated or whether it is worth going for/profitable. Essentially you can target high value, low competition ideas and maximise your profit. It makes sure that you don’t waste your time on ideas that will never sell.

Merch Informer Product Search

Keyword Finder

The Keyword Finder module of Merch Informer is invaluable as it can generate hundreds of design ideas from a single word or phrase. This is an incredible creativity boost and means you will always have a surplus of ideas. Aside from the product search this is the next most valuable module.

Merch Informer Keyword Finder

Competition Adviser

The Competition Adviser can be popped up from either the Product Search or the Keyword Finder and allows you to determine the profitability of the idea(s) that you’ve uncovered. This will save you hours of wasted time by avoiding uploading unprofitable design to Merch by Amazon.

It also let’s you know whether the phrase or keywords are trademark safe preventing you from needing to check TESS manually. This is incredibly useful to prevent account deactivations due to copyright infringement.

Merch Informer Competition Adviser

Listing Optimiser

Then you have the listing optimiser which will take a look at your listing and grade it based on how effective your keywords, title etc. is. It also features a synonym suggestion to maximize keyword saturation and increase traffic, and therefore sales.

Merchant/Brand Search

Merchant/Brand Search is similar to the product search but you are limiting the results to a high performing brand. This way you can see a successful Amazon Mercher’s products, how they’ve structured keywords etc. and try to replicate their success.

Trademark Alerts (Limit to 50 for Newbie)

When you submit a design to Merch by Amazon it should not be trademarked. The problem is that a trademark can be registered after you upload. In legal terms you are protected by previous use (before it was registered) but unfortunately Amazon do not see it this way and will take your t-shirt down and potentially add a strike against your account which can eventually lead to suspension.

The trademark alert means that you are notified if a design you have listed breaches a trademark and can take it down before even Amazon can react, thus avoiding any takedowns.

Newbie Subscription Conclusion

So as you can see for $9.99 the Newbie Subscription for Merch Informer is packed full of useful tools to get you up and running with Merch by Amazon, to also keep those ideas flowing and to keep up to date with the trends. What’s more is they offer a free trial so you can check it out before committing to pay.

If you’re new to Amazon Merch, are returning after a hiatus or are simply running out of ideas, the Newbie subscription pays for itself as you’ll reap the cash back after only a couple of sales.

Personally when I began my Amazon Merch journey I found Merch Informer essential. Over the years when ideas were running dry and returned and renewed my subscription, each time seeing a very visible increase in sales on the Amazon platform.

Merch Informer Pro Subscription

So with all of those features, why even bother with the Pro Subscription? Well that’s exactly it – the Newbie subscription will offer everything that most people need. The Pro subscription is just that – for those that are shifting a huge quantity of sales on Merch.

So what extra do you get for you $59.99?

Increased Trademark Alerts

As your Amazon Merch account grows in terms of sales and designs listed it becomes crucial to protect your source of income and avoid account termination. The trademark alerts are increased from 50 words/phrases to 8,000 meaning you should be able to cover all products and rest easy.

Keyword and Product Tracking

See how keywords and products perform over time. Differing keyword metrics can mean that adding a specific keyword to a product that is falling in sales can revive it. This really gives a solid boost to sales and keeps as many designs up in the top ranks for as long as possible.

Single Upload Interface

With this interface you can upload a design, title, description etc. all at once to multiple other POD service. The tools allows you to instantly upload to:

  • Redbubble
  • Spreadshirt
  • Teespring
  • Printful

It’s clear that this is an incredible time saver and will help wider your ranger by publishing to multiple platforms.

100 Free Vector Downloads a Month

For those that struggle with the more artistic side of t-shirt design – i.e. some imagery to go along with a text based t-shirt, having access to these vectors increases the changes for your shirt to be noticed. Of course there are other sources for vectors so this may not be useful for everyone but a nice perk nonetheless.


For me, Merch Informer is absolutely essential for those starting out with Amazon Merch or those running out of ideas. It’s capability to track keywords, products and brands in real time are very useful and personally the keyword suggester is a goldmine of creativity.

Everything I personally needed early on was in the Newbie Subscription and $9.99 is a good price when you consider how much you get and the fact that you recoup the money with only a couple of sales a month.

The Pro Subscription is a bit of a harder pill to swallow but it is effective in protecting your Amazon Merch account from termination due to copyright claims. It also broadens your visibility across the market allowing you to instantly publish to multiple other POD services. I’m still on the fence with the Pro subscription but at $59.99, it may be worth trying out for one month to see if it gives enough benefit for the price tag.

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